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Carrefour selects RunIoT for temperature control of supermarket cold cabinets

Temperature control solution


Keep under control your goods


Our service stands out for its simplicity in both installation and operation


Save money and improve profitability in your company

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Our solution transforms your fridge in a smart fridge

Smart fridge?  Yes, thanks to our temperature control solution the fridge is under permanent control and it will alert you when something is wrong with its temperature. Let’s see how it works:


1. The fridge is connected to Internet through a device called ST-1 which has a temperature sensor.

2. The temperature data is sent to our online IoT platform.

3. Manages and analyzes the data from your PC, smartphone or tablet and set temperature alerts.

Alerts by Value

Receive alerts by e-mail or SMS when the temperature exceeds a threshold value that you configured over the online IoT Platform.

Alerts by Power Cuts

What happens if you have a power cut? Our solution will alert you in that case saving your products.

Predictive maintenance

The fridge detects by itself when the trending of the temperature is changing, (a symptom that your fridge needs maintenance) and it will alert you by e-mail or SMS.

Remote Management

Manage all the information and set your alerts through an intuitive and simple interface from anywhere in the world.

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How important is the temperature control

Stores are the places where a cold chain breakdown is most likely according to AECOC

Money waste per year due to poor control of temperature in refrigerators

The amount of total manufactured products around the world lost due to lack of adequate cooling


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How does it work?

Transform your business and save money in 3 easy steps



Install the device near the fridge.


Recieve real time alerts, check trending’s, set your own alarms.


Start saving money by protecting your assets since the first day.

ST-1: The World´s Safest and Smartest Temperature Sensor

· Plug & Play Instalation.
· Visual led status.
· Wifi connectivity
· Temperature range: -55ºC – +125ºC

How does the online IoT platform work?


Monitor the temperature through the graphics.


Analyzes the data through various tools provided by the online IoT platform.


Set temperatures alarms to alert you by e-mail and SMS.


All data is stored in our online IoT platform full access to them.


Temperature and alarms recordings with the possibility to download them in different formats.


Our service ensures total security in the protection of data and information.

We can adapt our service to your needs.